Folk NH Presents: First Folk’n Tuesdays monthly concert series

Folk NH Presents: First Folk’n Tuesdays monthly concert series

A brand new concert series is coming to Portsmouth this November. Starting Tuesday, November 5th, Folk New Hampshire will be hosting “First Folk’n Tuesdays” on the first Tuesday of every month at WSCA Radio’s Button Factory Stage located at 909 Islington Street. The series will feature live performances by some of the state’s best folk, Americana, bluegrass, blues, and country singers, songwriters, and musicians. Each concert will host local artists to perform their own brand of folk music for a listening audience.

“First Folk’n Tuesdays’” monthly mission will be to introduce audiences to new and talented artists and to likewise expose artists to new and enthusiastic audiences. The new concert series will serve as a rare opportunity to showcase the artists first and foremost and bring the working musician and their craft directly into the spotlight. The series, along with its host Folk New Hampshire, aims to help foster community in the local folk music scene and to help promote artists throughout the state.

Take a look at the schedule and keep tabs on First Folk’n Tuesdays to find out what artists will be gracing the Button Factory Stage every first Tuesday of the month.

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