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Andrew and Brady met at a bus stop in Dover in the spring of 2012. 
Andrew had a guitar, Brady heard sounds and wanted to jam.

They became friends. 

One day they were on a pier situated upon the great Piscataqua River. Brady and Andrew as well as a friend of theirs (a fiddle player named Chris Foster) started to improvise a legendary jam.

They danced around in a circle whilst spinning clockwise and counterclockwise to the music.

Somewhere within this odd celestial motion a force was unearthed and 
an inter-dimensional being was summoned. 

This creature defied time and bent all space around it’s intentions.

The jam had ended…
but their friend had vanished.

Since the inception of this DemiGorge Brady and Andrew have been rehearsing, performing and creating music as often as possible in an attempt to reopen the wormhole and save friend.

Every show with Borscht is unique for this reason. Two people playing for the power of three.

“Please aid us in our quest and attend our shows. If you have a fiddle perhaps you hold the key to unlocking our destiny. He is out there and he need our help!”

Artist Info

Hometown: Dover