Kimayo’s Phoenix Rises Above

Kimayo’s Phoenix Rises Above

Earlier this month, Dover singer/songwriter Kimayo released her first full-length album, Phoenix: The Acoustic Sessions . Recorded at The Greenhouse Recording Studio in Gilford, NH with engineer Sam McArthur, the album features ten original tracks that highlights Kimayo’s sweet brand of contemporary folk music.

The arrangement on the album is stripped-down, consisting of only a single vocal and an acoustic guitar. Her understated guitar accompaniment allow these songs to breath, showcasing her introspective lyrics and driving the rhythm just enough to keep the listener swaying and captivated. Kimayo’s voice has a familiar quality, reminiscent of great contemporary folk artists like Brandi Carlisle, Norah Jones, and Jewel. Her ability to effortlessly shift between a powerful croon and a soft and sweet serenade make evident the complete confidence in her own voice.

The songs on Phoenix echo a story of coming of age and introspection. Each song is a testament to learning from one’s past and looking ahead to tomorrow to stand taller than we were yesterday. We witness a journey born out of a constant search for oneself. This motif is one that’s so often relatable to any listener just trying to find their place in the world.

A few standouts on the album include “You and Me”, “Grow Little”, and the title track, “Phoenix.” This album avoids any “filler” tracks and takes us deep throughout the duration of its 40-minute run-time. Kimayo keeps it fresh from song to song and gives us variety and a good cross-section of her repertoire.

Kimayo’s album is available for streaming and download at Check out the album in full below:

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