Jake Davis is Out in the Weeds

Jake Davis is Out in the Weeds

In early 2019, Jake Davis & The Whiskey Stones released their first full-length, studio album, Out in the Weeds. The album features 12 tracks spanning a healthy gamut of genres that includes rock, jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, and folk. That diverse combination may leave the listener at a loss as to exactly how to describe Jake’s music, but at Folk New Hampshire, we simply call it “Americana.”

The album was a project of Marc McElroy of The Electric Cave who recorded, mixed, and mastered it and supplied keyboards and shaker on a couple of tunes. Artwork was handled beautifully by Jake’s own mother, Margaret Dwyer. The lineup on the album included Jake on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Old Time Dave Talmage on banjo, fiddle, and vocals, John Webb on electric guitar and vocals, Eben Hearn on drums and Chris Noyes on upright bass.

All throughout Out in the Weeds, the songs exude energy. Aside from a couple of dips in intensity, Jake keeps it lively, fun, and danceable to the end. Backed by a veteran band, The Whiskey Stones, the whole group delivers a consistently-full yet ever-changing soundscape. Banjo, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitars, upright bass, drums, and keys all come together to build a foundation on which Jake’s soft-spoken yet gravelly vocals sit proudly.

The songs of Out in the Weeds explore a variety of concepts and motifs with honesty and without regrets. From a struggling postgraduate to a lover’s triangle to an unsavory fella seeking redemption, Jake introduces us to a variety of characters and dysfunctional relationships. This story-telling pairs perfectly with infectious melodies and tasty telecaster and banjo licks.

Some of the standout tracks include “Top Scholar, Bottom Dollar,” “Lazy Bones,” “Nobody Knows,” and “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.” One of the few down-tempo songs, “Tomorrow is a New Day,” features a sweet, relaxing groove that’s bolstered by a triumphant chorus and catchy lyrics. Listeners will no doubt find something they can dive into regardless of what genre they may fancy.

Out in the Weeds is available on all digital and streaming services. Preview the album below. Visit for more info, music, and tour dates.