Kimayo is a full time singer/ songwriter sharing her acoustic folk style with an authentic, hopeful, and soulful tone. She has a heart for others and seeks to create an experience of Connection, Solidarity, and Hope for each of her listeners.

Music is a way for me to be honest, genuine, personal. I feel most connected with God and life when I write my music. It is a passion and a therapy. My songs are a way of me processing and reflecting on the different situations and thoughts in life as well as my mind. Writting my music has always been significant to me; however, it has become especially important since I became a Christian. My songs express the changes and growth that I have experienced through my new relationship with God. I pray my album will represent this transformation and that those of you who hear my songs can connect with a deeper understanding of who I am and why God has become such a key component to my life. I also hope that you are able to personally relate to them and that my songs bring you joy and comfort in good and tough times.